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Harry Me Marry Me Bury Me Bite Me

by Black Nail Cabaret

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Hair 04:36
You look more vulnerable being blonde You are jostled by the crowd on the streets You keep trying to avoid them If you're drunk don't play it sober If you're smart, well don't be loud They push you out and let you fall with your face down Don't listen to the others Don't listen to the fear Ask yourself: does it matter? It's just hair You look more self-assured being black You say red, vibrant red It never existed and you hate it They're ignoring you The'yre using you They must know, they must know Who you are
Blonde 04:04
If Marilyn Monroe were still alive now she would have a TV show beyond prime time People would had left her somehow they'd let her down gently She'd be suffering badly She, the ancient blonde She's the queen of show she's the queen of show don't let her know She's the queen of show If Marilyn Monroe were still alive now she would be scary as hell she would be scared Her body is a spine Her smile is metal Her stitches are sexy Her golden curls are not so flexible The queen of show She's the queen of show Don't let her know Just let her flow Blondes You are glorious You're crawling in me
Hey Dora, I’ll write a song for you She said 'You totally should, yeah, you totally should' Dora, she’s such a clever girl and she’s gonna be famous or rather infamous She dated a squirell, had a drink with a squid she’s such a character A Disney character Poor soul, with flaunting ego She didn’t know The critical cult of Dora Dora, here is the song for you She said 'Oh God, It’s really happening, it’s really happening' Dora, I truly fear for you You didn’t realize that one is not himself He strangled the squirrel with shaking hands he turns to you, you want to play Don’t laugh, please don’t tease him just walk away, walk away
Lovely Girl 05:00
She was so young Too young for the first rum She smoked every day with the guys Played snooker in the pub She wore miniskirts And lovely tiny sandals On her tiny little feet Seeking material love Playing full time drama on the street She kissed girls then she turned back to boys turned ’em on and let them down She was the best teaser bitch in the town She’s a la la lovely girl She’s got na na na nice hair floating in the breeze in the summer breeze Oh so sweet Playing hide and seek She's a la la lovely girl Too physical to me Then she bought those black leather boots Listened to Marilyn Manson Yeah, it used to be tough and she fell in love Oh it hurt so bad It wasn’t fancy enough She was wild and corrupt too lazy and fussy Doll face, round breasts She was the best daydream Oh that lo-lo-lovely girl her spirit hunts in the downtown as she’s feeding her baby in the gangland She buried all the drama and the kisses with her father There’s no wildness in the breast There’s no daydream, she was the last
I was a dancer once in my life but the ballet stopped spinning around They killed me left my body behind on the stage That’s where you found me you collected my parts You really liked me it restarted my heart You put me together You’re my little Frankenstein It’s hard to remember Those were miserable times for you and for me We lived different lives You laid next to me with your broken melodies around You know I threw my shoes away it doesn’t matter I can dance for you You know it makes me sad again it doesn’t matter I will dance for you I look into your eyes I see myself What would I be without you With no meaning no control Now I know where my way starts I’m so high above myself with this rhythm inside my heart I can dance for you
Satisfaction 04:34
Emotional frustration With a metal cold vibration Tiny cherry candy Instead of wild sexuality There’s no face to forget So wipe away the sweat Wipe away your makeup There’s nothing to be scared of Don’t you cry, don't be whiny There lives someone in your body Your biomachinery Needs a touch Don’t you cry, don't be whiny There lives someone in your body Your biomachinery Needs a God You need satisfaction You need time to feel You need satisfaction Recover yourself How do you describe the pain? Is it your soul or just the flesh Questions make you empty And your faith became a mess You and your psycho movies A new imaginary friend Sitting in your room with your ghosts Your lover must be dead You need satisfaction Give me some expressions I'm talking, I'm talking so push me to the bed or hit me in the mouth I'm talking to you
Right On 04:35
Every morning on my way there's a howl banging my ribs I don't belong here These are not my people I'm surviving then he comes to me Swallow the poison Don't you spit it out Cause that's what the game is all about You can cross my way Gonna always sing my song You can cross my way Right on Scratches down your throat can't shout you can't shout Every morning on my way there's a fog rising up to my brain They're saying it's okay, it's alright then he comes to me Cutting off my hands Cutting out my tongue
Change Me 04:10
I won’t be someone else This used to be my phrase that was my crippled excuse to get off the chase They always came to me and I always ran away Change my heart to yours Don’t let me pass away Put your wings on my back Make me fly Make me stay I lay my preconceptions In your gentle hands Give me new principles Give me demands I will want you I try to follow you I will want it I will try to be not alone
Down Again 05:32
I look into your face you big blonde lie Is this a game or some wise advice I can’t understand Mankind has wings As a child had said before we met and yes I was diving in your holy darkness Looking for a girl like me but looking for the one who's achieved the dreams I have lost And I’ve flought you know it right You broke me down I’m hurting everyone with pretty lies it’s raining back on me and I deserve the pain if truth is satisfied that way It’s your turn now to stab me See, I dropped my weapons and dropped my pride for you Here I stand, loose and bare so why don’t you just take me down again I lied, I killed many hopes Borders I broke are screaming in space I’m telling you sitting in this room my meaning disappears I’m just talking and talking and I don’t wanna see your blank face without an answer cause I met deamons and dated monsters but I've never seen a freak like you
What happens to the body? What happens to the body here? Just conceal me decently Let the children dig a hole let them laugh, let them play let them sing, let them sway I don't need your tears now There's no need for ceremony Just play this song and sing with me I hear you saying 'that's not the way it works' but what do you know? No one knows Just brush away the dirt from my face leave me some dignity come on and sing with me What happens to the body? What happens to the body here? Play this song and sing with me


released May 12, 2015

Tracks 1, 2, 5, 10 written by Emese Arvai-Illes.
Tracks 3, 6, 8, 9 written by Krisztian Arvai.
Track 7 written by Emese Arvai-Illes and Zsofia Tarr.
Track 4 written by Emese Arvai-Illes and Krisztian Arvai.
Lyrics on tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10 are written by Emese Arvai-Illes.
Lyrics on tracks 4, 7, 9 are written by Emese Arvai-Illes and Zsofia Tarr.
All tracks produced and mixed by Krisztian Arvai.
All tracks mastered by Sid Lamar at Hype Cycle Studio, Berlin.

Artwork by Josef Stapel, www.stapeldesign.com
Photo by Zsolt Ficsor, fcsrzs.tumblr.com

© 2015 Basic Unit Productions/ NegativeGain. All rights reserved.

Special thanks to:
Krisztian Arvai, Dejan Samardzic, Sid Lamar, Josef Stapel, Anita Kovacs, Zsolt Ficsor, Bianka Vago, Marcus C. Tomazetti, Szonja Kalman, Eszter Barok, Zsuzsanna 'Susy' Novaky, Zsolt Jeges (Mamazone), Balazs Varga (NegativeArt), AndOne Geza and Csaba Gal (101 Klub), Laszlo Kadar, Dr Paul Bain, Daniel Myer, Peter Rainman, Emese’s family, Sophie’s family.


all rights reserved



Black Nail Cabaret Tatabánya, Hungary

Black Nail Cabaret is a dark pop duo from Hungary. Formed in 2008, the group consists of Emese Arvai-Illes (vocals) and Krisztian Arvai (keyboards).


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