Emerald City

by Black Nail Cabaret

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Emerald City is the very first album of the Hungarian band Black Nail Cabaret.


released May 29, 2012

Track 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 written by Emese Árvai-Illés
Track 4 written by Zsófia Tarr
Track 6 and 11 written by Emese Árvai-Illés and Zsófia Tarr
Track 12 written by Emese Árvai-Illés and Krisztián Árvai
All lyrics written by Emese Árvai-Illés
Leading & backing vocals: Emese Árvai-Illés
Keyboards: Zsófia Tarr, Krisztián ’Devon’ Árvai
Electric guitar on track 4, 8, 9, 10 and 11: Tamás Számvéber
Bass on track 9 and 10: László ’Cila’ Hornyák
Sound & Programming: Krisztián ’Devon’ Árvai
Mixed by: Krisztián ’Devon’ Árvai, Sándor ’Veréb’ Számvéber
All songs recorded at Daddy’s Studio, Tatabánya, Hungary
Produced by DC Promotion
Executive Producer: Krisztián ’Devon’ Árvai
Cover Art: Josef Stapel, www.stapeldesign.com

Special thanks to (köszönet nekik) : Árvai Krisztián, Számvéber Sándor ’Veréb’, Hornyák László ’Cila’, Számvéber Tamás, Josef Stapel, Karácsonyi Anna, Nováky Zsuzsanna ’Susy’, Láng Veronika ’Silver Ivy’, Tímár Tímea, Vanyuscsák Bernadett, Szilárd Monsterleg, Köves Panni, Tarr Károly, Illés János & Jánosné, Kisduda Árpád, Torda Tibor, Kassai Balázs, Száraz Kata, Kósa Veronika ’Zoei’, Marinka Zsuzsanna Alexandrovna, Gerendás Bálint, Ruprecht Vilmos, Barok Eszter, Krezinger Szonja, Csepelyi Adrienn, Jeremy Cloward, Damage, Aradi Katta, Mojzes Dóra, Bulissa Éva ’Kagero’, Tabbouch Linda, Antal Gábor ’Gameboy’, Jagasits Mária, Suzy The Makeup Maniac, Kovács Anita ’Orizatriz’, Rupa Viktor, Szabados Gergely, Molnár Tamás, Impact Pulse/Nothing Nada, Gulyás Gábor, Schyzzo Karl.



all rights reserved


Black Nail Cabaret Budapest, Hungary

Black Nail Cabaret is a duo of Emke (vocals) and Sophie (keyboards) formed in 2008 in Budapest, Hungary.


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Track Name: Let Me In
Looking through a window
I’m watching you, I lick my teeth
Sigh behind your room door
Don’t be silly, it’s only me


I’m not gonna hurt your sweet white flesh
Because I really really like you
I really really do
You’re so soft and young
Use me anytime you want
There’s one thing you have to do
I want you to

(Let me in)
Don’t deny your childhood-leaning
That you’d once become a killer
(let me in)
You’re still not shaking from the smell of blood
(let me in)
So why don’t you accept me as I really am
I won’t change you
I’m not changing anymore

Smell you after making love
Like clotted blood after a lunch
You’re used but so delicious though
I feel sated, I sing a song

Are you gonna hurt me?
Would you say a no
Or will you say a yes?
Are you really my knight?
Are you still alive?
Your zombie cries:

Let me in

Here comes the morning sun
Don’t you let me in?

I don’t wanna die die die die die here
You won’t let me die die die die die here

You don’t want to hurt me
I see it in your eyes
As you try to kill the time
I can’t stand the sunlight
Save me

Don’t you let me in?
Track Name: Veronica
She turned me on
So I grabbed her neck
And pushed her to the floor
She’s begging me
To spit her on the face
She was crawling to the door

She took her panties off
In the bathroom
She looked so unnerved
So I’ve just said:
There’s no reason
You just get what you deserve

Have you ever met that girl called Veronica?
Everybody’s looking for the sweet Veronica

She used to be my best friend
I can ever have
We were so lonely
The music was the only thing we had

We tried to be friends
With her everyday-need of pain
He taught her
She will never answer me
She will never call me back again


Everybody’s looking for the girl called Veronica
Once she was mine, my little friend Veronica

Everybody’s looking for the sweetest girl: Veronica
Once she was mine, the lonely girl Veronica
Once she was mine, the beautiful Veronica
Everybody wants Veronica

Everybody wants Veronica
Have I ever really known you Veronica
Do I really want to see you Veronica
Have you ever heard this song Veronica
Track Name: Hangman
Time is standing still
Ribs are cracking
Eyes dried out

wishing for another day
killing seconds
turnin’ my head ’round
I feel like shit

I’m a criminal
And my cell is pink
Oh run run run
It’s visiting time

I’m screaming through the glass
My sore is wet
But it’s healing fast
I’m still missing you
Down here in mine

(Time is standing still
Ribs are cracking
Eyes dried out)

I’m still missing you down
Here in mine

(wishing for another day
killing seconds
turnin’ my head ’round)

I’m still missing you down
Here in my garden

No movements, no effects
One step forth and one step back
Time is my hangman
The flesh burns away

Tomorrow keeps me waiting
I’m so troubled and elated
It’s a screwed up saturday
Just a screwed up saturday

I’m a sinner
my hell is purple
like the cloud in my eyes

I see you you you
I’m coming after you
I’m dragging you down

I’m a strayer and
Mess is my friend
Oh run run run
It’s a flood and you’ll drown

I’m a proud robber girl
Robber girl – robber girl
Such a weak-hearted
Your gun is bringing me down


I see you
I’m still screaming through the glass
At visiting time

I’m a criminal and
Fate is my friend
Oh run run run
It’s dragging you down
Track Name: Time
One more year without her
I recognized that she was lost in the space
But she finds the way back home soon
And when she returns she gives birth
To me again

A month is gone in the winter
As I just tried to get some sleep at night
Played chess with the monsters
Suddenly I wake up into a new spring picture

In a day
Time is ebbing away
One short decision
Should I leave or should I stay
I fly or I fall humbly
One day of thinking
Almost too late

They’ve lent the world to us
For a minute
With all the big words
And we just stole it
Laughing around and keep it to ourselves
Running away forever

One move in one second
As your finger’s twitching on the trigger
And your blood stops noising in your ears
As the gun sings into them
Track Name: Storm
The army from the sky
The grey fat bodies
Are marching to the edge of the ground
I’m running in dust
As the warmth is swirling
Up into the sky

Try to catch your storm
Wanna ride against the wind
Feel the air on my back
Your dust fills my mouth

Flying through the storm
I hear that throbbing sound
These things in my head
I’m spinning round and round

I cross over the waves
Right into the danger
Looking for the sun behind
You are the beast of all
And I am the chaser
Turn my skin out to the light


The rain keeps falling
Your rain on me
Track Name: Butterflies
Raspy petal cemetery
Where the sun starts to shine
Airborne white flake enemies
Are dancing in the skyline
In the space between the motion
They are yearning for the flavour
Flashing floating and vibrating
It just makes me full of anger

I’m afraid of butterflies
As they are trembling on the flowers
They’re too beautiful for me
Until I kill the crazy colours

die by one touch of our hand
How dare we be so cruel and evil
Wing dust flaming on our fingers
Just like fresh blood on the crime floor

Why is it good to be so fragile
If it forces out protection
Charm is far too less for me
Well I need scratch and bite and action
Colours need to be defended
Yes, I guess they make you happy
And I don’t want to be an oddball
But I’m so scared when they’re near me

I’m afraid of butterflies
As they are trembling on the flowers
They’re too beautiful for me
Until I kill the crazy colours

die by one touch of our hand
we are so cruel and evil
Wing dust on our fingers
Just like fresh blood on the crime floor

We’re the killers
we are so cruel and evil
Wing dust on our fingers
Just like fresh blood on the crime floor
Track Name: Hero
Standing naked in the crowd again
I spread my arms out wide
They’re closing around
teasing my wounds
I have to clear my mind

Oh, tear me apart
Rip out what you need
And then just carry my parts
Carry my parts to him
Go on and tear me apart
Cause the Hero comes around
From the skies above

The night is speechless
My bed is cold
his mighty hands
Catching a hold
Of my little bones
There’s no way to kill the pain
He has to cut me up again
Makes me tremble like a lamb of God

So here’s a prayer for you:
Strip off, take off the black
Come on now show me your truth
The maggots in your head
Go on and tear me apart
My bed gets cold
Oh, I grow old in the dark

You make me tremble like a lamb
You make me tremble like a lamb of God
The Hero comes around
Track Name: Jolly Queen
The fire of hell burns me
Makes the sky dark and cloudy
It’s so dirty filthy catchy
The sin is raining back
The fire spreads on me
I’m filled with energy
The sin is just a need
It’s a throb in my chest

Do I have to stay here
Do I have to stay
Waiting for a free hand
Waiting for the day
Build my new empire
Castle of the truth
Freedom is the frame of
What I’m looking through
All my people come
Come rejoice at me
I’m the one who made it
I’m the jolly queen

I have to get out of here
I’m bored and full of fear
I run but it’s still near
The city of the dead
I have to get out of here
I run but it’s still near
Standing makes me crazy
So hold on to me baby
Hey just run with me and maybe
You won’t break your neck

Do I have to stay here
Do I have to choose a way
Track Name: GoGo
I do the solo
Easy like the gogo
Turning naked up there
To learn something about
The people all the pretty people
They can never see me
When I’m crying aloud

I do the gogo
Spectacular solo
While my nerves are crossing
The borderline
And the people
The shiny happy people
Remind me it’s just gogo
Not cry cry

I’m not ready, I’m not really ready yet
I don’t look easy, I don’t look really easy yet
Give me time, give me a lipstick
Smells like the lions are hungry enough

I’m not ready, I’m not really ready yet
I don’t feel naughty I don’t feel really horny yet
I’m a twat, I shouldn’t do this
The feed me while I’m playing the part


Give me powder
Wanna dab it to my nose,
Im a clown, but normally I’m scared of those
Creepy faces
Give me a chrome pole
It’s my time to save the world for tonight

I’m not ready, I’m not really ready yet
But I’m horny or maybe I just act like that
Give me smoke, give me champagne
And I try to be a lady for a while

Only you see glasses dancing on the table
Hands are frozen, eyes wide open
You try to catch your halo in the mirror
Mirror you’ve got to tell me
Is that you or I’m a false reflection in your eyes
I look into their eyes
And ask if anyone can tell my name
What’s my name?

Track Name: Bartender
Today is the day
The green fairy comes this way
Bringing magic to the town
So the steets are burning down
Thoughts are flying through my head
Bottle caps’re making me mad
Drunken strangers sing aloud
I’m fighting through the stinky crowd

Stranger hands’re touching my ass
In the drunken happiness
Feel your stink and feel your itch
I’m a bargirl not a bitch
Mix your drink and make you hot
My Absynthe brings you to God
Like the bitches: delicious
We serve the dishes
We know something about that

I’m your bartender
And I’m more than the girl
Who’s sitting on your knees

Cause I’m your bartender
I mix your poison
And the drunken sexuality

Take the bottle take a glass
Let the fairy make a mess
Burn all sugar to the ground
I will mix, you pay the round
Don’t know why I sing this song
It’s so dumb and not too long
But it feels good to be drunk
Now in the regular world
Track Name: Nightsky
Don’t you give me a sign?
You’re just hiding
Make me irresolute
I lose control
Lose humour to survive a day
The tram is late
And I’m talking to the nightsky

Go back and sleep my call-boy
I’ll be here again
You’re my pretty male whore
We’ll make love again

I’m just standing here
Holding the smoke in my shaking hands
The underpass is full of smell
Moments are running away without love
I’m just singing for the nightsky

Go back and sleep my mother
I’ll be here again
Your daughter’s coming back
I’ll touch your skin again

Don’t you give me a sign
You’re hiding
I’m just standing alone without love
Smoking all the cigarettes, my dear
Listening to the voices of the city
Don’t you hear them?
Don’t you hear them?
Can you hear them

The night covers us
Track Name: Diamond Dogs
The holy Green Chaos
Brings you holy lust

Preachers of red lights
In corsets so tight
Come join together! x2

Come stay around me
My dwarf, little darling
Deep down inside the wet x2

Filthy eager eyes
Crawling for the light
An age gone so fast
Voices from the past
Are whispering to me

..And legs hit the earth now
Ankles get broken
On and on
Blood on the floor