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by Black Nail Cabaret

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sister sister you're my, you're my falling star come to pappa sister sister you’re tearing me apart toy for pappa they can never find out they can never find out sister sister hanging, banging on the wall bad for pappa sigh a farewell sister, will you move on it's getting cold the body was deflowered keep carrying on your soul just the body, but it'll moulder you're getting cold
CO 04:20
your misery triggers my misery your words were too surreal it was cruel cause it was true you wrecked me a spoonful of carbon monoxide to my coffee unopened cans of private life may come in handy in times of need let's cry let's look away there's no matching tutorial for empathy let's smile let's sigh like we don't care I’m fine you seem okay let's not talk about the future it just ruins the day let's lie let's paint pylon weather I see you sitting in the garden driven far into the ground I see the illusion of your life nice work my friend one day I'll stay in bed for good the dirt will pile up next to you you'll have to do your tax return will you fight for me will you wash for me will you cut my hair or you just lay next to me if I stopped fighting would you start or you're just all the same all the same If I don’t get up in the morning would you call the ambulance and know what to say
Therapy 04:19
I wrote a few notes today, after a breakdown I think I'm missing the trip but I don't feel bad, I don't feel sad so hey, you don't keep looking back once you turn your head, the light goes out stay with me emotions are banging the rib cage don't float away I'm frightened so I give them names silly names, scary names don't judge me, don't grab me just have me then let me go words crawled off the paper I let them in, and let them out if they smile, I smile back but there is one who is trouble, it says: this is not what you expected but I'm fine, but I'm fine I will manage, I will manage
this is the world we live in I'm wearing my monochrome glasses I see you in black and white we aim for different assets you like to decorate your room I like to decorate myself I wouldn't buy what you're wearing I wouldn't listen to your music the world keeps changing maybe I should too but I am just this juvenile person feeling everything running past me everyone growing on me sometimes I need people like you to show me who I am and sometimes I have to be with my own kind to feel alive but in the end it's only me on my own cause everybody bites and everybody hurts and my capacity is one pain at a time
don’t follow me here this town won’t make you happier you’ll carry the same sadness you’ll create the same situations I can’t save you from yourself no one really can you have to close your eyes and turn back it’s my life, not yours I don’t belong with you what makes you think that I feel more content this is not your way this is not your joy this is not your pain you have to close your eyes and step back we can change countries but it won’t make things better as it won’t make us better we can change cultures or state of conscience we will suffer ‘cause we like to suffer sometimes I walk that dimension of unspoken dreams and subconscious fear of time that keeps me in bed for days you have to close your eyes to escape the glance of boredom it eats up all your ambitions
Decay Avenue 05:56
walking down the street babe when the sun is shining on both sides you know you cannot win there's no shade, just hot light this is how we go no matter what we do we fly against the wind we're falling, we're falling down down down there's nothing to cover my face to cover my eyes from the flatness of the day I could be your hero but it's hard if you don't care I wanna be wordy I wanna be clear I wanna be lyrical ‘cause I hate, I just hate, I just hate I'm broken to the bone we're boiling in the room you can't get off the thought, no that you have to do it over and over ‘cause morning wakes you up it's ripping us apart it murders all the songs in my head, in your head we're falling, we're falling down down down
Minor Panics 05:30
here I am in our room alone i wanted to try to be on my own and now I'm terrified silence kills me slowly on a sleepless night shadows are stirring your pillow got cold your towel got dry your voice washes out my eyes are losing hold of your sight losing hold of you I'm more frightened of your death than my own that you will leave me in this crowded world alone big words for a small mouth, I know this cross is unreturnable I fed my ravens but they were not hungry like pearls to the swine I threw grains to the concrete grains of my grinded casual sorrow it hasn't been a day yet this uncertainness takes all my thoughts away I just want to make sure that things are okay that you are okay I'm more frightened of your death than my own that you will leave me in this crowded world alone big words for a small mouth, I know this cross is unreturnable like drops of mercury running around
I follow impressions depression on the move now I'm using your face to speak my anger to speak my truth I weave a pretty garment from the words you wasted my belief materialised now you're chopping it to pieces lower the shutters let's lower the shutters that creaking sound I leave you out lower the shutters let's lower the shutters it's awfully slow you are barely visible your hashtags irritate me not to mention your voice when you speak about success I withdraw, I have no choice I'm dissectioning the past and measuring your teaching this is my way of letting go you're not worth listening to
Session 03:58
it's nice to have u around come on in make yourself comfortable would u like a drink or two? tell me your fantasies what do you expect me to do it's nice to have you around lay down try to relax I'm gonna cut the air off from your face don't you worry I'm taking good care of you breath in breath out
Orgasm 05:49
delusional that's what we are craving to leech craving the peak but never climb it together I overtake you and you overtake me out of touch angels are crying when you pull the trigger one finger in the hole that dirty digger one hand on my neck we're in heaven never be forgotten never be forgiven humans are trying to be the only one in your bed, in your head, in your chair feast on your despair no god ever promised that you'll find a meaning that you won't be forgotten you won't be forgiven devotional ritual receiving the host down on your knees I watch you but I can't watch me I'm a child in disguise grinding my teeth
Comfort Zone 03:47
buried under phrases hiding behind pictures come out come out craving for attention frightened by affection come out come out wherever You are your life your life compressed into minutes when you are you are not on your phone faces all around real faces all around it's nice to be out sometimes on your own leaving the gear behind, so liberating the smell of the air, intoxicating leaving the gear behind, so liberating to be nobody, alleviating get back get back under cover it's not safe now out there in the world let's make darkness let's revise let's pretend let's draw the curtains this isn't our face this isn't our life we are relevant we are elemental do you still remember who we were before? we were irrelevant we were not essential at all the core is just the same
Soon 04:28
lamb of God you who take away the sins of the world you left your flock your sheep are roaming far away the prophet is standing in the silence smiling waiting on the other side saviours are crying say a brief goodbye this ship has been put to sea come what may brightness or dark hold my hand let’s repeat that death is not the end the truth waves a hand bequieting, with soothing grace the lambs are waiting the lambs are waiting oh poor pariah the peaceful wind of fall speaks so softly, whispering soon my child, soon oh poor pariah the peaceful wind of fall is bringing something new soon my child, soon


released December 23, 2016

Tracks 1, 5, 7, 12 written by Krisztian Arvai and Emese Arvai-Illes.
Tracks 2, 4. 8, 9 and 11 written by Emese Arvai-Illes.
Tracks 6 and 10 written by Krisztian Arvai.
Track 3 written by Emese Arvai-Illes, Krisztian Arvai and Zsofia Tarr.
All lyrics written by Emese Arvai-Illes.
All tracks produced and mixed by Krisztian Arvai.
All tracks mastered by LeafAudio.
Artwork by Stapel Design™/ Frankfurt am Main

2016 Basic Unit Productions. All rights reserved.

Special thanks to:
Manu, Dejan Samardzic, Josef Stapel, Bianka Vago, Martin Šuchter, Raphael Preston, Kim Holm and Lasse Mønsted (CrackDown), Celldöd, Pedro Pies Blancos.
all rights reserved


all rights reserved



Black Nail Cabaret Budapest, Hungary

Black Nail Cabaret is a pop noir duo from Hungary. Formed in 2008, the group consists of Emese Arvai-Illes (vocals) and Krisztian Arvai (keyboards). The band originally started with Sophie Tarr (keyboards) who left the band in 2016 to pursue her own music project. ... more


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